Ball4All CIC

A casual programme of basketball activities and games
designed and coached by a qualified ex professional player 

In this section you will find links to various photo albums


Catmose Additional Needs Sunday Sessions 2019

Coach John works with individuals and with small groups of young people  with additional needs teaching them the basic basketball skills.  

Friday Sessions 2019

John runs extra coaching sessions at Catmose Sports Centre 

Delfin Basket 2019

3 teams took part in this tournament in Finland and although they were not successful in getting any medals this year, several of them has been asked to join a sport academy in Finland.

Choice Unlimited Rutland 16th October 2018 

Promoting Independent Living In and Around Rutland was an event that provided information, services and products for disabled children, young people and adults, older people, carers and professionals.  

Rutland Conquerors young people with additional needs did a short demonstration during the event which can be seen on the link above.

Delfin Basket 2018

We had  4 teams competing in this tournament in Finland and the Under 14's Ball4All won gold 🥇, Under 19's Ball4All 2 won silver 🥈, Under 19's Ball4All 1 won bronze 🥉 and the under 16's Ball4All played really well although they did not win any medals. 

2018 Delfin Basket has been Ball4All's best year yet.

4 basketball teams took part in the Special Olympics from
the East Midlands.
The Ladies won gold medals,
Team 1 won bronze medals,
Team 2 won 5th place ribbons and
Team 3 won 4th place ribbons.

3 teams took part in this
tournament in Finland which resulting in one
of the teams coming back with the gold medal.

This club was formed in Leicester
due to demand.

We fought really hard and one of the teams
won the silver medal.

We had 3 weeks of basketball summer
sessions in Rutland following which
Rutland Thunders Basketball Club was launched.

What a fantastic tournament.
We got silver medals.

These sessions are for those that has
been selected to participate in the
Delfin Basket Tournaments.

John has spent over 15 years playing
professional basketball around the world
after graduating from University in the
USA including Leicester Riders.